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Bamblusion: a rock/blues project based out of Manchester CT, features lead singer Erin Michele Harmon, guitarist/vocalist Mark Perry, drummer/vocals Paul Dawicki, and bassist Matt Heard.

Bamblusion is the incarnation of three bands, one being a original three piece rock band, (self titled cd released 2013), second a cover band playing a diverse array of songs from rock to blues mostly from the 70’s and 90’s era (cover song list on Booking page), and third being a original blues/rock band based on the vocals of Erin Michele.

Bamblusion CD/songs can be purchased on iTunes via a link from this page under ‘Purchase Our Songs’ and also can be heard on Spotify.

Formed in 2010 when Perry returned to the east coast from Los Angeles, Bamblusion released their first self titled original cd in 2013 as a trio featuring Perry, Dawicki and former bassist George Czeremcha. In 2015 Heard joined the band bringing a fresh new enthusiasm. In 2016 Erin Michele joined adding a brilliant vocal sound that added endless dimensions to the band both originally and in covers.

Mark Perry grew up with a guitar in hand. At a young age he discovered  Jimi Hendrix, rock’n roll, and the blues, then heavily influenced by the likes of  Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Roth, Al DeMeola, and many more in the teen years. At the age of eighteen Perry knew the only option for his future was to create music. Perry began to explore his potential in San Francisco, later moving to LA where his funk metal band MEDIEM (MediembandLA.com) started to take off. Bands like Hoobastank and POD would share the stages selling out shows at LA hot spots like The Whisky and The Roxy Theatre. The band also opened for Guns and Roses’ lead guitarist Slash (Slashes Snake Pit), Bonaham and Tony McAlpine. MEDIEM also played at Oz Fest in 2000. Despite the local success in the metal/ hard rock scene, Perry is most recognized for a country song he co-wrote with friend Chris Ellis, “One more Beer” landing him two LA music Awards in 2009 and again in 2010 for Best CD. After over two decades apart Perry, Dawicki and Czeremcha reunited when Perry moved back from California in 2010. They immediately formed Mark Perry’s Bamblusion. Releasing Two CD’s to date. The newest self-titled “Bamblusion” was written by Perry and produced by Jim Fogarty. The CD reflects mainly upon Perry’s past two years and the significant changes that happened when he moved back to the east coast. Nearly thirty years of playing, song writing and recording are expressed through nine relatable songs, making their second self-titled CD more of a love child.

Paul Dawicki started playing the drums at ten years old, playing live by the age of fifteen. He further pursued an education in music graduating with honors. While in college he played in several pit bands, jazz bands and percussion sections in orchestras. Dawicki, influenced by Keith Moon, Alex Van Helen and Elvin Jones has played the east coast from Montreal to Florida and as far west as Texas. He is currently in The Blushing Brides, the most dangerous tribute to the Rolling Stones. He has recorded with many bands including  Bamblusion, and Susan Angeletti’s Wisdom CD.

Erin Michele Deleon Harmon is a true fairy tale story. Brought up by a bassist/cellist father, Erin never truly pursued her secrete dream of singing until after starting to do karaoke with friends. She was told she wasn’t just an average karaoke singer! Friends then asked her to sit in with them at their debut party gig New Years Eve 2016. That spring Mark heard her singing as he was asked to sit in with that same band at their debut bar gig. After getting goose bumps from hearing Erin’s vocals, Mark said he would do what ever it took to get Erin to sing with Bamblusion. Erin spent 2016 singing with local bands and open mic nights where she ever so quickly is becoming a local vocal hero and in one year went from singing at her first party to discovering her co-writing abilities as Bamblusion prepares for recording in spring of 2017 with Erin as lead vocalist.  Erins Dad is currently a Cellist with the New England Phil Harmonic and also was with the Farmington Valley Symphony for over 30 years.

Matt Heard was exposed to a veriety of genres from an early age. In middle school he transitioned from Cello to Bass. During high school Heard played in various school ensembles and local bands. In college he studied music while continuing to play with local groups in the New England area. After graduation Heard moved to Nashville, TN to further explore a career in music. After a year of playing shows and studying with one of Nashville’s best, he returned to Connecticut and joined Bamblusion.